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  • Wine tasting at Chateau de la Barre

    24 mars 2017

    Wine tasting at Chateau de la Barre Wine tasting Bordeaux Burgundy Grand Crus and other famous french or italian wines. More than 170 different kind of wines are available on the wine list of Chateau de la Barre. The Count de Vanssay is always happy to...

  • Exclusive hunt at Chateau du Lude.

    27 septembre 2012

    December in the most authentic and elegant tradition of the French aristocracy: as VIP guests of prestigious Loire Valley châteaux and elegant, authentic manor houses for exclusive receptions & hunts. Sunday December 9th, 16th or Tuesday December 18th...

  • RALLY FOR HEROES at Chateau de la Barre

    21 août 2012

    The Rally for Heroes is a major fund raising project in aid of Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion. It takes place between the 18th and 25th August and will cover five countries, taking in the Top Gear test track, Le Mans, Monaco, Stelvio National...

  • Exclusive private concert weekends

    30 avril 2012

    Château de La Barre, 26-30 July & 2-6 August 2012. Exclusive private concert weekends under the patronage of John Nelson, honorary musical director of the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris and renowned Orchestra Director: A midsummer nights’ dream full of...

  • Guy selecting wines from a producer in the Loire Valley.

    10 août 2010

    Maybe you suppose that the ultimate sweet wines come from the Sauternes Region... However some jewels of the best sweet wines are to be found in the Loire Valley. Domaine des Barres does not export, what a pity! These Chaume and Layon are just incredible....

  • Prestigious Grands Crus of the Rhone Valley.

    07 août 2010

    Wines of the Rhone Valley are considered by the connoisseurs as the best wines in the world. More rare and exclusive than the famous Bordeaux or Burgundies, they are difficult to find but possible to discover in the cellar of Chateau de la Barre. Tonight...

  • Discover Loire and Loir Valleys.

    30 juillet 2010

    Maybe you already know Chambord, Chenonceau, Cheverny, Amboise and other royal palaces of the Loire Valley. We can provide you information for visiting them but also special addresses of wineries, restaurants... We are very close to the Loir Valley, an...

  • Envoyé Special sur France 2 le 1er juillet 2010.

    25 juin 2010

    On the 1st of July, France 2, the second main french TV channel, shows Chateau de la Barre in its very popular broadcast: "Envoyé Spécial". Le 1er Juillet prochain, rediffusion du reportage "Le goût des hôtes" à 20h35 dans "Envoyé Spécial" sur France...

  • New Year's Day at Leonardo da Vinci House

    08 juin 2010

    New Year's Day at Leonardo da Vinci House in Amboise, Loire Valley. Sieur Sauzin is a worldwide specialist of Gastronomy during the Renaissance period, and works together with the Historic Academy in Paris developing the menus in accordance with the receipes...

  • Christmas 2009: birth of the Blog of Chateau de la Barre!

    08 juin 2010

    New Year's Eve was celebrated in the Grande Salle à Manger with elegance and gastonomic splendours of the season : foie gras and it's fig confit, lobster from Brittany, the usual "trou normand", veal filet with morilles, cheeses and a festive dessert,...

  • Elegance luxury and unique opportunities in Chateau hotel de la Barre

    10 mai 2017

    So many hotels and chateaux in the Loire Valley So many hotels and chateaux in the Loire Valley ! Chateau de la Barre is more than a hotel, it is also a home, which is in the same family since the XIVth century and thus offers you a unique experience...

  • What is for you the best hotel?

    22 mai 2017

    What is for you the best hotel? Decide whether you prefer boutique hotels or hotel chains, authentic chateaux or trendy, standardised accommodations. Is your taste based on luxury, price, charm or a panoramic view. At Chateau de la Barre we aim for perfection...

  • New website.

    29 octobre 2013

    New website for www.chateaudelabarre.com

  • Discover the wine list of Chateau de la Barre.

    11 février 2011

    Chateau de la Barre is an exclusive destination to discover exceptional French wines. Loire Valley Touraine Cabernet - Jacky Marteau red 2007 20,00 € Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil - La Chevalerie red 2009 25,00 € Chinon Petites Roches - Charles Joguet red...

  • New paintings in the family chapel.

    11 août 2013

    www.chateaudelabarre.com .

  • Chateau de la Barre number one on Tripadvisor

    31 juillet 2013

    Chateau de la Barre Number one one 664 hôtels on Tripadvisor.

  • Post impressionism at Château de la Barre

    25 juin 2013

    Did you know that you can discover some beautiful post impressionist or fauvist paintings in the Petite Salle à Manger or in the office?

  • Chateau de la Barre in the top 25 !

    07 mars 2013

    Chateau de la Barre is ranked in the top 25 hotels in France in 2013 on Tripadvisor.

  • Snow at Chateau de la Barre

    22 janvier 2013

    Three days snowfall at Château de la Barre.

  • Hermes amenities at Chateau de la Barre.

    07 septembre 2012

    Enjoy the best French luxury products during your stay at Chateau de la Barre : Hermès tea cups and amenities in your room complete your experience of perfect elegance.

  • Chateau de la Barre in Ouest France.

    31 août 2012

    Ouest France a important local newspaper, wrote an interesting article about Chateau de la Barre ( in French only.)

  • Supper at Chateau de la Barre

    12 juillet 2012

    Suppers are offered in the Petite Salle à Manger. In July the sun comes to enlighten this room before the sunset.

  • Flower arrangements everywhere!

    30 mai 2012

    Peonies, lupins, roses, iris, arums, azaleas, rhododendrons, poppies... Flowers everywhere, in the garden and in the rooms. Here two flower arrangements in Salon Rose.

  • Chateau de la Barre 4th hotel in France on Tripadvisor

    25 avril 2012

    Chateau de la Barre ranked 4th hotel in France and 1st in the Loire Valley for 2012 on Tripadvisor.

  • Easter offer at Chateau de la Barre.

    28 mars 2012

    Easter with elegance at Chateau de la Barre. Up to 25% off for a two nights minimum stay. See you soon...

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